AdSense Account Disabled, What Should You Do? How to Enable it?

If you’ve tried to log in to your AdSense account only to find it disabled, you’re not alone. Many publishers face this challenging situation. In this post, we’ll explore what to do when your AdSense account gets disabled, why it might happen, and alternative monetization options.

Confirm Your Account Status

First, ensure that your AdSense account is genuinely disabled. Sometimes, ads may stop appearing on your website or YouTube channel without your account being disabled. It could be an issue with a specific site, not your entire account. To check, review other websites to see if ads are displayed. Alternatively, consider adding someone else’s AdSense account to your site to check if ads show for them.

When your account is indeed disabled, Google will send an email notification with a general explanation. Specific details about the ban may not be provided.

Reasons for AdSense Account Disabling

Google takes account disabling seriously to protect advertisers. Here are the primary reasons Google may disable AdSense accounts:

  1. Fraudulent Clicks: Google can detect invalid clicks, so attempting to boost your earnings through clicks from friends and family or using automated click-generating software is risky and against the terms of service.
  2. Fake Traffic: Some publishers buy traffic from dubious sources, resulting in clicks that don’t convert for advertisers. Sticking to legitimate SEO practices is a safer route.
  3. Previously Banned Account: Publishers who’ve been banned before may try to sign up again under different names or using others’ information. Google is vigilant in catching such attempts.
  4. Unexplained Bans: In rare cases, accounts get disabled without apparent wrongdoing. This could be due to malicious clicks from competitors or well-intentioned readers trying to help but causing issues.

Steps to Recover Your AdSense Account

If your AdSense account is disabled, your best chance of reinstatement is to submit an appeal through the official appeal form. Some bloggers have successfully appealed and had their accounts restored.

Consider Starting a Company

Google allows legitimate businesses to apply for and join the AdSense program. Many top earners intentionally set up multiple businesses to diversify their income sources and take advantage of smart-pricing rules.

However, if your previous sites put advertisers at risk, using the same AdSense code on new sites may pose a similar risk.

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Explore AdSense Alternatives

If your AdSense appeal is denied or you’re not interested in creating a new company, you still have options. While AdSense offers a high Revenue Per Unique (RPU), there are alternatives:

  • MonetizeMore: High requirements but solid CPMs
  • Mediavine has moderate requirements and typically outperforms AdSense.
  • AdThrive is similar to Mediavine and may perform better in some niches.
  • Ezoic is a good choice for those graduating from AdSense with lower requirements.

Another strategy is to focus on monetizing your high-revenue sites through Amazon affiliate programs or other affiliate marketing. This approach may require changing your content to suit a pre-sale model.

Having your AdSense account disabled is undoubtedly challenging, but with the right steps and alternatives, you can continue generating revenue from your online endeavors.

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