Avatar 2 Box Collection in Hindi Day 1: Avatar 2 collects a huge amount on Day 1 | Avatar 2 Box Office Collection Day 1

Avatar The Way of Water Box Office Collection Day 1: In 2009, James Cameron released his film Avatar. This film holds the world record for highest grossing movie at the box office.

Day 1 of Avatar The Way of Water Box Office Collection

The most anticipated Hollywood movie of the year is ‘Avatar the Way of Water,’ directed by James Cameron. People who enjoyed the first part of the film were eagerly awaiting the sequel. This is why the film made a lot of money on its first day in India. These are the reports about the film’s first day collection.

Avatar 2 Box Office Collection Day 1
  • Andhra Pradesh/Telangana: 8-10 Crores gross trade figure
  • Karnataka: Rs 4-6 crore
  • Tamil Nadu: Rs. 3-5 Crore
  • Kerala: Rs 22.5 Crore
  • Hindi belt: Rs 15-16 crore
  • All India: Rs 32 Crore 39 Crore

Star Cast of Avatar: The Way of Water

In 2009, James Cameron’s first film, ‘Avatar’, was released. The film was a huge success at the international box office. Fans waited eagerly for the sequel. This wish has been realized by millions of fans. The film’s story revolves around Jake Sully, his family and friends. In the leading roles, Ronal, Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana play CCH Pounder, Jamie Flatters and Jamie Flatters.

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Avatar 2 was a huge success on its first day

The 2009 release of Avatar was a great success worldwide at the box office. This film holds the world record for highest grossing movie. The audience has high expectations for Part 2. If we look at the reviews, both the critics and the public seem to enjoy the second avatar of Avatar. It is impossible to estimate how much of this ticket was converted into cash at the counter by simply looking at the numbers.

KGF 2 left behind

E-Times estimates that the film grossed around 40 million dollars (in all languages) according to E-Times. This is in addition to the fact that ‘Avatar 2″ could not surpass ‘Avengers Endgame, which opened to more than 50 million dollars in India. It also couldn’t beat Spiderman: No Way Home. This means that “Avatar 2” has not met all expectations, at least for the first day.

Expectations for Saturday

Hollywood is not the only one that failed to surpass ‘Avatar 2’s record for Pan India film KGF Chapter 2 which was released in this year. Yash’s starrer ‘KGF Chapter 2’ earned more than 53 million on its first day. Prashant Neel’s film, KGF Chapter 2, has surpassed all other films at the box office this season with its opening collection.

North India has a smaller collection

We are sorry to inform you that Avatar 2 bookings in North India were very low. The film was very popular in South India, however. The film was hit hard by the booking in North India. Avatar can only perform on Saturday and Sunday. It is anticipated that the film will gross over 100 crores on the weekend.

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