Bigg Boss Malayalam 5 Final Voting Result: Online Voting Poll Results for the 13th Week 02 July 2023

Bigg Boss Malayalam 5 Final Voting Result: Here we have an update on the popular show, Bigg Boss Malayalam. This show has gained a huge following and a high TRP rating on television. It is a game show where participants compete for the title. Bigg Boss Malayalam is an Indian Malayalam-language reality television show produced by Endemol Shine India, now owned by Banijay. It is an adaptation of the international reality TV franchise of the same name. The show started in 2018 and follows a format similar to other national editions. Let’s dive into the details.

Bigg Boss Malayalam 5 Final Voting Result

The show has a dedicated fan base who eagerly watches every episode. People love this show because it offers a complete package of entertainment. If you are a regular viewer, you are familiar with the show’s concept. The latest season has already aired several episodes, and there are many exciting things to share about the show in the following section.

Bigg Boss Malayalam 5 Elimination: Online Voting Poll Results for the 13th Week

The show features famous personalities as contestants, making it an interesting watch. These contestants put in their best efforts to secure their place in the show. They are known as housemates and live in isolation, without any contact with the outside world. They must strictly adhere to the rules set by Bigg Boss and face consequences if they break any rules. More details about the show will be provided.

How to Vote Online For Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 5 Final

To vote online for the Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 5 finale, you have two options:

Via the Disney+ Hotstar app:

  • Download the Disney+ Hotstar app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • Create an account and log in to the app.
  • Search for “Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 5” and tap on “Vote Now.”
  • Choose your favorite contestant from the nominated participants’ list.
  • Tap “Submit” to submit your vote.
  • You can vote up to 50 times per day using the Disney+ Hotstar app.

Via Google:

  • Open a web browser and search for “Bigg Boss Vote” or “Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote.”
  • Click on the link that directs you to the Bigg Boss Malayalam voting page.
  • Select your preferred contestant from the list of nominated participants.
  • Click “Submit” to cast your vote.
  • You can vote up to 10 times per day using Google.

Remember, the voting for the Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 5 finale will close on July 2, 2023, at 11:59 PM IST. So, be sure to cast your vote before the deadline!

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 5 Online Voting Results: 2 July 2023

  • Akhil – 58.28% (9,751 votes)
  • Shiju – 11.51% (1,925 votes)
  • Junaiz – 8.21% (1,374 votes)
  • Aniyan – 6.29% (1,053 votes)
  • Cerena – 5.6% (937 votes)
  • Reneesha – 4.64% (776 votes)
  • Nadira – 2.85% (477 votes)
  • Anu – 2.61% (437 votes)

Total votes for Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 5 – 16,730 votes

The contestants are constantly monitored by live television cameras and personal audio microphones. Throughout the competition, housemates are evicted through public televoting. Eliminations play a crucial role in determining the winner. The show has garnered a tremendous fan base and boasts high TRP ratings. Further details about the show will be revealed in the upcoming sections.

Famous contestants with existing fan bases enter the show, and their popularity only grows further through their performances. They showcase their real selves to the fans. Fans actively participate in challenges and tasks, giving their best to win. The housemates compete for the position of captain, and each contestant must prove themselves. Scroll down to discover more information about the show.

Season 5 is running exceptionally well, and the competition is getting intense as participants strive for a place in the finals. We are pleased to announce that Nadira Mehrin has become the first finalist of Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 5. Nadira is a transgender journalist representing the LGBTQ community. The name of the other finalists for the 14th week will be revealed soon.

List of Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 5 Contestants

  • Aiswarya
  • Akhil
  • Angeline
  • Nadira
  • Reneesha
  • Sagar
  • Shiju
  • Rinosh
  • Sruthi
  • Vishnu
  • Anjuz
  • Aniyan
  • Cerena
  • Sobha
  • Sreedevi
  • Junaid
  • Gopika
  • Maneesha

Nomination List for Week 16 of Bigg Boss Malayalam 5

  • Akhil
  • Aniyan
  • Cerena
  • Junaid

The show presents exciting challenges, and all the contestants enthusiastically participate. Mohanlal, a popular personality with a large fan base, hosts the show. It airs on the Asianet channel. People eagerly await each new episode of Bigg Boss Malayalam, as it is a fantastic and captivating show. The previous four seasons have achieved remarkable success with high TRP ratings. Keep scrolling for more information about the show.

If you are a regular viewer, you already know the show’s timing. For those unaware, the show airs every day at 7 PM, with a runtime of approximately 90-120 minutes. The winner of the show will receive a cash prize of ₹50,00,000 (Rs. 50 Lakh). You can watch the show on Asianet or Disney Hotstar. The information shared in this article has been gathered from various sources. Don’t forget to tune in to Asianet at 7 PM. Stay tuned for further updates.

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