Bing ChatGPT: Know how to use Bing Chat GPT? Microsoft has added AI to the Edge browser as well as its Bing search engine. And they’re powered by the sophisticated technology that OpenAI utilized to develop ChatGPT. It is possible to sign up on the ChatGPT Bing waitlist right now and, in this guide, we’ll explain how to do it.

Over 1 million people sign up for Bing with ChatGPT in 48 hours: Microsoft.

Bing ChatGPT

There are some pre-release prompts now available as well as Microsoft has the ChatGPT Bing waitlist. We’ll guide you through how to join to get more speedy access and be among the first people to test the Edge powered by ChatGPT.

The announcement was made at the Microsoft ChatGPT meeting in February 2023, where executives of the company announced that the next-generation chatbot technology of OpenAI will integrate into Bing and Microsoft’s browser for the web called Edge. This announcement comes following Microsoft made billions of dollars into OpenAI to attempt to compete with the dominance of Google and is planning to create its version of its own Google Bard AI chatbot. There’s also an option to pay for ChatGPT that’s called ChatGPT Plus, meaning that the AI chatbot race is getting hot.

This could mark the beginning of a new age of web-based search and one where you can tell the search engine what you’re looking for in an easier and more intuitive method. But, in order to fully take benefit of this (and to fully comprehend what’s happening in the ChatGPT and. Google Bard situation) you must know how to utilize this latest technology efficiently.

I was granted early access to Microsoft’s latest Bing with ChatGPT and after examining the program for a while, I’m now ready to guide you through how to utilize Bing with ChatGPT fully.

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How to join the Bing ChatGPT waitlist?

How to join the Bing ChatGPT waitlist?

To be added to the ChatGPT Waitlist for Bing, click Join the waitlist at You’ll be required to enter an email address. Microsoft will notify you when you’ll be able to access Bing, the brand Bing search engine. The first batch of ChatGPT Bing invites has already gone into circulation, so if join today, you stand an excellent chance of getting access to the search engine soon.

You’re still able to test the AI-powered search engine today, however. Visit Bing and then click on the Chat tab at the top. Scroll down to the next page and you’ll be able to see the Ask Anything section. There are a couple of pre-programmed questions here that you can test before you can get access to the entire version.

Then, click any box in the blue and choose the appropriate task or question. For instance, if you select Write rhymes the latest version of Bing will load its AI with a question to compose a poem for a child who loves dogs and oceans.

You can then choose other options which appear on the left and right or you can return to blue-colored boxes from the previous page and select from the options. I clicked on a Twitter request on the left to receive this tweet, which announces the graduation of a sibling.

The suggested suggestions are changing as time passes, and you can look at a variety of suggestions and responses in the brand new Bing chat prior to its release to all users. We had the chance to try out the ChatGPT-powered Bing for ourselves and it worked wonders with the appropriate prompts.

However, it could also provide extremely insecure answers, which we saw when we pushed Bing Chat beyond its capabilities.

How do I access Bing using ChatGPT?

Microsoft has begun making available access to its new Bing using ChatGPT to a small set of users at first but it is expected to be made more accessible as the bugs are worked out.

Bing ChatGPT
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Although you are able to access Bing through all browsers, at the moment of publication, the only method to use the brand new Bing with ChatGPT function is to use Microsoft’s Edge browser. Even if you do it’s possible that you don’t (yet) get access to Bing using ChatGPT. Here’s how you can sign up:

  1. It is possible to open Microsoft Edge (the fastest way is to press the Start button, then enter “Edge” and then press Enter) and then go to
  2. Join the waitlist.
  3. Enter the email address and password that you have associated with your Microsoft account if asked.
Bing ChatGPT
(Image credit: Future)

That’s all there is to it! The only thing left now is to wait. If you’d like to increase your chances of getting access to Bing using ChatGPT, Microsoft recommends you follow these steps:

  • Set Microsoft Edge as your default browser
  • Install your Microsoft Edge app from the Microsoft Store

How can I utilize Bing to communicate with ChatGPT?

When you begin with Bing using ChatGPT you’ll be able to notice the difference as you begin to see your results in a more informal manner, not a simple list of hyperlinks. You’ll have the ability to observe as Bing analyzes your queries and seeks answers and you can aid in the refinement of your search by sharing with Bing what you think about the results.

In this article, I’ll demonstrate how to utilize Bing together with ChatGPT by guiding you through the process of searching and some of the most common follow-up choices.

1. To utilize Bing with ChatGPT to use ChatGPT, simply point your web browser (which is likely to be Edge in the near time) towards and type your query into the search bar. In this tutorial, I’ll ask “I’m going from Dublin to Dublin on September 1st. Which is the best route to take?”

Bing ChatGPT
(Image credit: Future)

2. If you’re using the brand new Bing with ChatGPT you will be able to see a chat window pop up with your query’s phrase as the first line. If not then you’ll need to select Chat near the bottom of your screen to change Bing to Chat Mode.

After that, you’ll be able to find out the way Bing has interpreted your query. Additionally, you’ll be able to observe it as it creates your answer live. If you’re tired of it, press “Stop replying” to signal Bing to stop responding.

In the lower part, you’ll find notes on where the bot has gotten the data when it’s finished writing, you’ll see samples of responses.

Bing ChatGPT
(Image credit: Future)

3. Here is the point where the biggest shift actually occurs. Instead of clicking on a link and continuing to search on your own, you can continue to chat with Bing to get more details or narrow your search.

Microsoft clearly wants you to use Bing and so, it offers a handful of questions to follow-up following every search. In this article, I’m not going to make use of one of the suggested follow-ups Bing suggests. Instead, I’m considering going to see some live performances during my travels and I’m asking Bing “What artists are performing in Dublin this September?”

Bing ChatGPT
(Image credit: Future)

And voila! Bing provides a footnoted list of the bands performing in Dublin in September, with hyperlinks to the sites that found the information and suggestions on the next question I can ask. Click on the answer and you’ll notice thumbs-up and thumbs-down icons appear that are clickable to inform Microsoft it’s a good or bad response (respectively). If you notice anything that needs further clarification or clarification, hit the Feedback button at the bottom-right corner and contact Microsoft directly.

Bing ChatGPT
(Image credit: Future)

As you will see, this minor alteration to the way Bing is operated could lead to a major change in the market for search engines. In its most basic sense, Bing with ChatGPT makes search more interactive, but there’s plenty of room to explore once you begin exploring the boundaries of what the ChatGPT chatbot can achieve using its power and the Internet available to it.

I requested it to compose a poem for me in the form of a ghost for instance, and within only a few seconds, it provided a quite decent product:

Bing ChatGPT
(Image credit: Future)

What else can chatbots be able to do that can search for information and create responses on its own? If Microsoft launches the AI-powered Bing more accessible try it out and discover what you can accomplish with it!

How can I download the brand-new Edge, powered by AI Bing ChatGPT?

Microsoft hasn’t made available users to the Edge browser as widely as it has with Bing however, you can get an early glimpse of the new Edge browser via Microsoft’s developer channel dedicated to Edge.

The Microsoft Edge Insider webpage is where you can download beta, dev, and canary browser versions. Beta versions get an important update with new features that are released every four weeks, while dev versions receive an update each week and canary versions get updates every day with the most recent fixes Microsoft has tested.

Microsoft claims that an update for the dev channel will go live on 7 February however the version downloaded did not contain the integration. If you’d like to be among the first to test the new version of Edge, however, be sure you’re on Microsoft’s Edge Insider page.

Is Bing Chat the same as ChatGPT?

Microsoft describes the brand new Bing chat service as “a brand new and next-generation OpenAI large-language model” which is more sophisticated than ChatGPT. As the intention is to integrate this into Bing search there are various aspects to consider.

For instance, the Bing ChatGPT alternative is anticipated to be significantly more efficient than ChatGPT and will go over what is possible with GPT-3.5 in a few ways. It is referred to as “the Prometheus version, Microsoft brings current news to its chat, providing the most current information that is secure for large Bing users.

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