Do radio wave frequency kill birds? Do birds die due to cell phone radiation? Can radio waves kill birds

Do radio wave frequency kill birds? Can radio waves kill birds: The most beautiful thing in the world is hearing the chirping and chirping of birds around you. We enjoyed his natural tunes. But nowadays birds are dying due to radio waves. These waves are produced by cell phones and radio wave towers. A day will come when we will not be able to see a single bird on our beautiful planet. Bird scientists say that birds can be killed in a few years. The zoology branch of Ornithology deals with the study of birds. We must live better for the sake of the birds; If the number of birds decreases, we too die soon. How? Many species of birds eat small insects or pests, saving food crops. It is also believed that rain falls at a particular place in preparation for the arrival of migrating birds.

Do radio wave frequency kill birds?

Do radio wave frequency kill birds?

The harmful effects of radiation and electrical units on birds are precisely experienced. A few years ago, India’s ‘Green City’, Chennai, woke up to a major shock: several birds were found dead. There are about 4,000 cellphone towers in Chennai. In Chandigarh, there are around 200. The unfortunate city of Chennai had killed a large number of its birds of exposure to the effects of electromagnetic radiation, both by cell phones and their towers. It must be remembered that the brain of birds is equipped with the power of navigation during flight. But when radiation attacks their brains, they become affected. Navigate incorrectly. A few months ago, a large and continuous experiment of the 5G network was happening in a city in the Netherlands. It killed hundreds of birds there.

What are the reasons why this happens?

  1. Lack of food or fruits
  2. Loss of grasslands
  3. Expansion of Industries
  4. Harmful EMR
  5. Modernization
  6. Considerable use of wireless cell phones.

We forget that birds are more sensitive to radiation waves. According to a report, these deaths took place in Chennai, Bhopal, Jabalpur, and Ujjain. This shows that we cannot live without the use of technology and science. But our misuse of both should not be the cause of the death of others. We should use technology in a limited way.

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