Explained How to Calculate CUET Score? Percentile Predictor Marks In Details Step By Step Guide

How to Calculate CUET Score? You may be wondering this as you prepare to take the CUET UG exams in the near future. The good news is that the agency has implemented a percentile method for a thorough and transparent exam process. With this method, it is now easier to determine individual ranks. The CUET 2023 exam will be held between May 21st and May 31st.

The Common Entrance University Test is one of India’s most coveted competitive exams, with lakhs of students taking it to pursue bachelor’s and master’s degrees at their preferred universities.

How to Calculate CUET Score

You can download your scorecard from the National Testing Agency CUET website once the results are available. You may have many questions about calculating your CUET score. Don’t be concerned! This article explains how to calculate your CUET score and percentile.

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CUET Score Calculation Overview

The Common University Entrance Test will be held over several days in three shifts. Aspirants will be given separate question sets for each session. As a result, maintaining equivalent difficulty levels in question sets may be impossible. For example, if you took the harder set, your marks could be lower than those in the easier set.

You don’t have to be concerned! The CUET normalization process is here to help you avoid these situations. The normalization process will ensure that you do not have either the benefit or disadvantage of the question paper difficulty level based on your percentile score.

The normalization process provides a level playing field for evaluating student merits and allocating ranks without discrepancies.

Let us go over the CUET percentile and how to calculate the CUET score in detail.

Methodology for Calculating CUET Scores

How to Calculate CUET Score: To understand how to calculate percentile in CUET, you must first understand the exam marking scheme. A clear understanding will assist you in properly preparing the sections.

You will receive five points for each correct answer. Is there going to be any CUET negative marking in 2023? Regrettably, yes! A failed attempt will cost you a point. There is no reward or deduction for questions that are not attempted.

The subject-wise scoring pattern is shown in the table below. It will improve your understanding of how to calculate a CUET score.

SubjectsNo. of questions to be attemptedMarks per questionTotal marks 
Language (any one of the 13 languages chosen in Section IA) 40 out of 505200
Domain Specific Subject (Maximum 2)35/40 out of 45/505200
General Test 50 out of 7605300
Test/SubjectNo. of questions to be attemptedMarks per questionTotal marks 
Language [any one of the remaining 12 languages in Section IA (if one already opted for in slot 1 and 1 from Section IB – as applicable)]40 out of 505200
Domain Specific Subjects (Maximum 4 subjects)40 out of 505200

The marks are calculated based on the total secured score in the examination by the candidates. The typical CUET percentile ranges from 0 to 100. To understand how CUET total marks are calculated, look at the formula below.

How to Calculate the CUET Score

The most awaited section has arrived. To assist you in this regard, we will look at how to calculate CUET score step by step.

Let’s see how you can complete the CUET score calculation using your percentile.


How is the CUET Score calculated? It can be difficult for students, but we will break it down for you. The CUET score now has two components. CUET Percentile and Raw Score.

  • Raw Score: The total number of correct answers after subtracting the number of incorrect answers is the raw score.
  • Percentile: A percentage is a number that you get after comparing your raw score to other students who took the same test.

How to Determine CUET Score

CUET 2023 Percentile Score is a number obtained by dividing the number of students who scored equal to or below your score by the total number of candidates taking the exam and then multiplying it by 100.

As an example:

Assume 50 students scored the same as or lower than your score and 100 students took the exam. The calculation will then be as follows:

50/100 X100

This method of calculating CUET scores aids in comparing an individual’s performance to the total number of students who took the CUET entrance exam.

How to Get the CUET Scorecard

  • Step 1: Once the NTA has announced the results, go to the official website.
  • Step 2: On your screen, there should be a link to CUET results/scorecards. Simply click on it.
  • Step 3: Enter your credentials correctly in order for the scorecard to appear on the screen. Press the submit button.
  • Step 4: Your screen will display the scorecard. You can now obtain your raw score from the scorecard.
  • Step 5: Make a list of everyone who showed up for the exam.
  • Step 6: Based on the raw scores, rank them from highest to lowest.
  • Step 7: Locate your rank in the list based on your raw score.
  • Step 8: Using the formula, calculate your CUET percentile and compare it to last year’s cut-off scores.
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Is there any negative marking in the CUET for incorrect answers?

Yes, one mark is deducted for each incorrect answer.

When will the CUET 2023 UG exam be held?

The CUET 2023 will take place between May 21st and May 31st.

What is the formula for calculating CUET results?

To calculate the CUET or CUET PG percentile, use the following formula: 100 x the number of candidates who appeared in the session with a raw score equal to, greater than, or less than candidates / total number of candidates who appeared.

Q4. What is the total CUET score?

The CUET marks for each section vary depending on the slots.

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