Ishan Kishan Biography, Net Worth, Cricket Records, Age, Girlfriend, Family

Ishan Kishan Biography, Net Worth, Cricket Records, Age, Girlfriend, Family. Biography of Ishaan Kishan. Ishan Kishan Biography in Hindi.

Who is Ishaan Kishan?

Ishaan Kishan (born in India) is one of the Indian cricketer. The lefty is an opener batsman , wicket-keeper and batsman who is a part of Jharkhand in the domestic cricket. He was leader of the Indian team in during the tournament in 2016. Under-19 Cricket World Cup.

Ishan Kishan Biography

Life History of Ishaan Kishan

पूरा नामइशान प्रणव कुमारपांडे
उपनाम किशन, इशान
जन्म 18 जुलाई 1998
जन्म स्थानपटना, बिहार, भारत
आयु/उम्र 23 वर्ष
जन्मदिन 18 जुलाई
पेशा क्रिकेटर 
168 मीटर या
168 सेंटीमीटर
धर्म हिंदू धर्म
राष्ट्रीयता भारतीय
गृहनगर पटना, बिहार, भारत
नेट वर्थज्ञात नहीं

इशान किशन का परिवार

पिताप्रणव कुमार पांडे
मातासुचित्रा सिंह
भाईराज किशन
पत्नी N/A

Ishaan Kishan क्रिकेट

कोचउत्तम मजांदर, संतोष
भूमिकाबल्लेबाज और
विकेट कीपर
आइडल एम.एस धोनी
घरेलू टीमझारखंड
प्रमुख टीमेंभारत, बिहार,
ईस्ट जोन,
गुजरात लायंस,
इंडिया ए, इंडिया बी,
इंडिया ब्लू, इंडिया सी,
इंडिया रेड, इंडिया
अंडर-19, भारतीय
बोर्ड अध्यक्ष एकादश,
झारखंड, झारखंड
अंडर-19, मुंबई
इंडियंस और रेस्ट
ऑफ इंडिया

Ishaan Kishan अंतर्राष्ट्रीय डेब्यू

  • वनडे डेब्यू – 18 जुलाई 2021, श्रीलंका के खिलाफ
  • T20I डेब्यू – 14 मार्च 2021, इंग्लैंड के खिलाफ
  • टेस्ट डेब्यू – अभी नहीं

Ishaan Kishan, born the 18th of July 1998. He was born in Patna, Bihar. He has a father named Pranab Kumar Pandey works as an engineer while the wife Suchitra Singh runs a household. He has a sister Raj Kishan is a former state-level cricketer. He graduated from Delhi Public School, Patna. Then , he enrolled in at the College of Commerce, Patna.

While Ishaan was originally from Bihar however due to the differences in the BCCI as well as Bihar Cricket Association on the registration issue, Ishaan had to play in Jharkhand.

One time, during an interview, his coach stated that Ishan Kishan is a fan of the former Indian captain MS Dhoni and Australian wicketkeeper-batsman Adam Gilchrist.

Ishan Kishan Career

Ishan Kishan was more interested in cricket in his early years. He was a fan of playing and watched cricket more than he did study. Ishan Kishan was a sportsman. Primary education from Delhi Public School, Patna. Then the man went to Commerce College, Patna, for higher to further. His brother saw his potential as well and encouraged Ishan to try his hand at cricket. Following this, Ishan joined the cricket club and began playing cricket following the advice of his brother.

Domestic career

When Ishan Kishan decided to be a professional cricketer later in his career, the decision was made to play for his state Jharkhand according to the guidance of his senior players and coach. It’s not an easy task for players to be part of another state team. However, because of the outstanding performances by Ishan Kishan, they was immediately was offered the opportunity to participate in Ranji in the Jharkhand team. To take advantage of this chance, Ishan Kishan performed very excellently during the 2014 Ranji session. Ishan Kishan had a fantastic innings that included 273 runs in the 16-17 Ranji Trophy against Delhi. As part of the Ranji Trophy the innings of 273 runs by Ishan Kishan was the top score of a player from Jharkhand. In recognition of his outstanding performance, he also appointed Captain of the Under-19 India team.

Ishan Kishan Indian Premier League Career (IPL)

In addition, after being named captain of the U-19 team, Ishan Kishan’s name also was included in the list of participants in the 2016 IPL Auction. In this year’s IPL auction Ishan Kishan’s contract was sold to Gujarat Lions for 35 lakhs His initial cost was 10 Lakhs. After that his purchase by Mumbai Indians for 6.2 crores His base price was 40 lakhs during the in the IPL auction in the 2018 IPL. The 2020 IPL season He was a scorer 516 It is a common sight 14 matches played by matches played by Mumbai Indians. In the year 2020, nobody scored more run in a match for Mumbai Indian more than Ishan Kishan. In addition, Ishan Kishan won the prize for hitting the most sixes during the IPL season of 2020.

Following this in the year 2022, at the time that it came to the Mega IPL auction in the year 2022 began, Ishan Kishan was again purchased from Mumbai Indians in the year 2022 for 15.25 millions and made him the second highest-priced Indian athlete in history of the IPL following Yuvraj Singh. Delhi Daredevils bought Yuvraj Singh in 2015 for 16 cores.

Ishan Kishan International career

In discussing Ishan Kishan’s international experience He played his first international game at the age of 14 on March 14 2021. He made his debut for the international team in a game in a match against England. In the first T20 match that he played in for India took place against England on the 14th of March 2021. He recorded 56 runs in 32 balls. Following that the next day, July 18 2021 the team played their first One Day International (ODI) match against Sri Lanka. On the 18th July in 2021 He scored 59 runs off 42 deliveries in his first ODI match for India.

Ishaan Kishan’s Memorable Innings

The Indian team had been eliminated from the series following the loss of the opening two games in the series of ODIs in the series against Bangladesh (IND Vs BAN). The team India was at risk of winning cleanly in the final match in the series. India was unable to get off to a good start but then was the rumble of Ishan Kishan, who played as a replacement for the captain Rohit Sharma. He scored an innings of 210 runs , which was an unbeaten double century.

Virat Kohli’s bat also hit 100 runs in ODIs, following 40-months. The team scored 409 runs in 8 wickets. The Bangladeshi innings decreased to just 182 run. India defeated Bangladesh in 227-runs. Bangladesh suffered the second-highest loss in ODIs in regards to runs. In addition, India has the third most significant win. But, Bangladesh won the series with a 2-1 victory.

On the 8th of October, 2021 Ishaan Kishan hit 84 runs over 32 balls in the match against Sunrisers Hyderabad at a strike rate of 262.50 thanks to 11 fours and four sixes.

Ishan Kishan Biography, Age

Cricket is a hugely adored and widely known game in India. While the sport did not originating in India but the popularity of the game is the greatest in India. The cricket team of India is among the best in the world at present. Many legendary players throughout the past of Indian Cricket. Sourav Ganguly MS Dhoni, Kapil Dev, Virat Kholi, Sachin Tendulkar and many others are legendary players in Indian cricket’s the past. In this article, we will discuss the rising superstar that is Indian Cricket, Ishan Kishan .

About Ishan Kishan

Ishan Kishan is a famous player in the field of cricket. He is a cricketer for international teams in India. In addition the fact that he plays in the local cricket league with Jharkhand. Although Ishan Kishan hails from Bihar however, for reasons, he plays domestic cricket for the neighbouring state of Jharkhand but however, not Bihar. Ishan Kishan also is a member from Mumbai Indians. Mumbai Indians, one of the most successful Indian Premier League teams.

It is a left-handed batsman that prefers opening for his team. However, it’s not like it is only the openings for himself. you can also join his team at any position, if the need is that, in addition to batsmanship, he can also perform wicket-keeping. Ishan Kishan was the captain of India’s Under-19 cricket team during the 2016 World Cup for Under-19s. He made his debut as a player for India against England in the month of March 2021.

Ishan Kishan Early Life

Most people don’t know what the real name for cricketer Ishan Kishan. Ishan Pranav Kumar Pandey Kishan . Ishan Kishan was born into an upper-middle class family in Patna. His birth date was 18 July 1998 in the Nawada district of Bihar . In 2022, he’ll be 24 Aged a year. The name of his father is Pranav Kumar Pandey He is a builder , and owns an enterprise in construction and his mother’s maiden name is Suchitra Singh, A housewife is.

Ishan Kishan has an older brother who is named Raj Kishan. Raj Kishan supported his younger brother a lot. Raj Kishan is also a cricketer and played for his team for the state. Raj Kishan always motivated Ishan to pursue a career in cricket. His brother has made a significant role to Ishan Kishan’s success.

Ishan Kishan Net Worth

Ishan Kishan’s Net Worth Indian famous cricket player Ishan Kishan. He is known for his cricketing. The estimate of his net worth Ishan Kishan stands at 45 million INR.

Ishan Kishan Marriage and Relationship

If we are talking about Ishan Kishan’s wedding, to date, he has never married anyone. However, news about Ishaan Kishan’s love affair keeps coming. According to reports that actress Aditi Hundia is the lover of Ishan Kishan, however the two have not married until now.


Ishan Kishan is an Indian International Cricketer. He was the former Indian captain MS Dhoni and former Australian wicketkeeper Adam Gilchrist are the ideals of Ishan Kishan. It is true that Ishaan has learned a thing or two from his fellow senior players. In the most literal sensuality, Ishan Kishan is the future of Indian cricket.

Frequently asked questions

What year and where did Ishan Kishan’s parents born?

Ishaan Kishan, born July 18, 1998, in Patna, Bihar.

From where do you think Ishaan Kishan’s home?

Ishaan Kishan hails from Patna, Bihar.

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