Kirana Dukan Business Ideas 2023: How to start a Grocery store in India? | Kirana Store Business Full Details

Kirana Dukan Business Ideas 2023: Have you ever wondered what would happen if your neighborhood or street had no grocery/grocery shops or mini-grocery stores? Imagine going to a faraway place to buy every little and large item you need, such as tea-sugar or soap. A small grocery store or grocery shop is vital for customers as well as for businessmen.

The most important thing when starting a business is the business idea or business plan. Today we will share all the important information you need about starting a grocery shop and how to do it.

Kirana Dukan Business Ideas 2023:

What exactly is a Kirana Dukan / grocery shop?

Grocery store is also known as mini grocery store, grocery store, or mini grocery shop. Kirana Store has everything you need in your daily life. These items are purchased wholesale from the wholesaler and then sold to the owner of the grocery shop with a small margin.

Currently, customers can purchase the goods they require from three locations:

  • Groceries Store
  • Supermarket or Departmental Store
  • Online grocery stores (eg Amazon, Flipkart).

The trend for customers to buy grocery items online has grown significantly since the Corona period. Many businesses are now taking advantage of the online shopping opportunity such as Grofers, BigBasket and Grofers. These businesses are rapidly growing. Despite all this, many people still prefer to shop at the closest grocery store in their locality. Here they can find the goods they need and buy as much as they need. Many people also benefit from the credit facility (goods-on-loan).

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Benefits of having a grocery store (Kirana Dukan) in your neighborhood

  • Shopkeepers have a personal relationship with customers.
  • Kirana stores only stock goods that are highly in demand in their locality. They also offer small and large packing services to meet the demands of their customers.
  • General stores are usually located close to the customers’ homes, making it easy and quick to get the goods.
  • The owner of local grocery stores will know the majority of their customers or get to know them personally. They then give them credit facilities, i.e. products on loan.
  • Customers can return the product or exchange it instantly.
  • Children can bring their own goods if there aren’t any adults around.

Who can start a grocery store (Kirana Dukan)?

To open a grocery shop, there is no formal training or course. You only need to know accounting basics. You can open it anywhere. All you need to do is learn how to calculate the area and make a list of items that are essential.

List of items that should be kept in the Kirana Dukan/grocery store

Hindi List of Household Items: A grocery store should stock all necessary items that are available in your locality. Include all things you use in your daily life. Below is a list of grocery items. It may vary depending on your location. You should choose a wholesaler that is close to you. This will lower your transport costs. However, keep in mind that he will supply you with the goods at a fair rate and will make them available when you need them.

grocery store inventory:

  • Lentils
  • Rice
  • Sugar
  • Tea
  • flour
  • Ghee
  • oil
  • Spices
  • Salt
  • Salty
  • biscuits
  • Coconut
  • shampoo
  • broom
  • dry food
  • fruits and vegetables
  • cold drinks
  • juice
  • Milk
  • water
  • cookies
  • chips
  • candies
  • chocolate
  • Papad
  • Cream
  • Soap
  • noodles
  • brush
  • saving supplies
  • Semolina
  • Rawa
  • standing spice
  • baby food
  • bread
  • egg
  • Gram flour
  • Boondi
  • yogurt packet
  • thongs
  • under garments
  • Others

Shopping for groceries at a lower price (Where to purchase groceries)

For grocery items, wholesalers can be found in every city. They make the goods available to shopkeepers at wholesale prices. Locate the wholesalers in your area and take the goods there. Wholesale goods can also be found at other locations where sellers sell wholesale and retail. Wholesalers are not the only ones who can charge more. If they offer you the same rate, you can also buy from them. If you have a large store (sales exceeding 50 thousand rupees per day), you can contact the wholesaler in the nearest major city.

Before opening a grocery store (Kirana Dukan), do your research

Researching the market is essential before you start any business. Only then can you make good profits. Do your research before opening a grocery store or grocery shop in an area. This will help you determine if there are any concerns about customers in the area.

This research can be done easily if you keep in mind certain aspects. It is also important to know the seller’s advice and your own.

What amount of money is required to open a Kirana Dukan (grocery shop)?

The cost of groceries to open a General Store/ Kirana Store is between Rs 50,000 and Rs 1,00,000. However, it’s possible to spend more. There is no limit to how much you can spend on this. It all depends on the quantity and grocery list.

Either you can rent a shop, or you can have your own. Due to the promotion of the shop and the provision credit facilities, the expenses will increase.

After all expenses, a good Kirana shop will invest at least 5 lakhs. It is important to consider the interior and infrastructure of the grocery shop. Customers often buy many items from the store that they don’t remember. However, they will be able to remember the items after they see them. Could.

Grocery Store Furniture Listing (Grocery Store)

Good furniture is essential for grocery stores.

FurnitureNumberPrice (in Rs. approx)
grocery store counter15,000
display rack210,000
grocery rack315,000
Total6 ItemsRs. 70,000-80,000

India’s Grocery Store Profit Margin

A grocery store can run smoothly for at least six months. Groceries have a profit margin of between 2% and 40%. Each item has a different margin.

You can easily make Rs.10,000-Rs.30,000 per month if you open a grocery shop with an investment of Rs.1,00,000.

Two types of products are available in Kirana Store/Departmental Store:

  • Local Product: The profit margins are high.
  • Branded Product: The profit margin for this product is lower.

You will make more profit if you start with a lower profit margin and brand products. This will allow you to attract more customers. Customers are your god, so you won’t get any money. Customers will appreciate your service and you’ll get a good return on investment. Businesses cannot be one-sided. Customers must receive value regardless of how much they pay.

What legal documents are required to open a general store?

You will also find common legal procedures at the grocery store that you can follow to avoid any problems.

  1. FSSAI Food Registration for Grocery Shop?

Follow the FSSAI rules and get your license number. FSSAI guidelines are important because safe food is the foundation of good health. Register on FASSAI to obtain FSSAI licensure.

2. GST Registration for Grocery Store

Because GST is applicable to every item, you will need to register your shop for it. You can either register online at or go to a CA. You can register yourself at no cost by paying between 500 and 1000 rupees.

How do you market your grocery store?

Marketing is essential when you start a new business. Without marketing, your products will not reach customers. Only then will your grocery store be able make a profit. You should try different methods to get the new grocery store in front of people.

These are the things to keep in mind when marketing:

  • Offers and discounts on seasonal products are a great way to attract customers. For example, sweets at festivals and Gajak. Winters
  • Customers can order online or have their home delivered free of charge. This will increase your profits, although you may need to hire additional staff.
  • Place a noticeboard near your shop. Write the name of your shop’s products income category in regular letters.

How can you promote your grocery store online?

Google My Business – Google My Business is a Google tool that allows you to list your grocery shop in Google Shop Listing. This connects with Google Map and Google My Business, and the location of the grocery stores on Google Map. This allows customers to search for the nearest grocery store (Near Kirana Store) on Google. If a customer is familiar with the location but not sure where it is, he can also search for the name of the grocery store. Searching can help you reach your destination.

Try to give your grocery a unique name and brand it so people can recognize your business.

How can you promote your grocery store offline?

Hoardings – People tend to see grocery stores offline so it makes sense for them to advertise via hoardings or paper media. If you offer home delivery in your local area, then advertise online.

Start preparing for the opening of the shop. Place a sign in front of the shop with a message such as “Opening Soon” and decorate the shop throughout the day.

Place hoardings on the streets and in nearby colonies. Add road signs.

Pamphlet – This is a great way to promote your grocery store. It can be handed to people who are coming to your store or delivered to all houses by paying a fee to the owner of the local newspaper.

How do you start a grocery shop?

We have covered all steps in the article.

  • Choose a better business location
  • Create a business plan that includes everything you need to do.
  • Get proper interior design done for grocery store
  • Select the best wholesaler to supply your grocery store
  • Promotion and marketing the business via appropriate channels
  • All items should be given an appropriate margin based on the material.
  • Choose a person who is decent if staff is required
  • Complete the legal process
  • Follow the timetable and fix a schedule for the shop.
  • Keep stock of all goods

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FAQs about Kirana Store Business Ideas 2023

Who can open a grocery shop?

A grocery store can be opened by anyone, and there is no need for any training or course. For the book to be read, you only need to know the basics of maths.

What is the profit margin in a general store?

You can easily make between 10 and 30 thousand per month with a 1 lakh investment in a grocery shop.

What is the cost of furniture for a grocery store?

On normal stores, up to 1 lakh can be spent.

What is the cost of a grocery store counter?

The cost of the counter at the grocery store is between 5000 and 20000 rupees.

What’s included in the grocery store comparable list?

Dal, Rice, Sugar and Tea, Butter, Sugar, Ghee Oil, Spices and Salt, Namkeen Biscuits, Coconut Shampoo Dry Fruits, Fruits &vegetables, Cold Drinks Juice, Milk, Coffee, Cookies, Chips Candies Chocolates, Papad, Papad, Soap, Brush Savings Items Suji Rawa, Khada Masala Baby Food Items, Suji Rawa, Khada Masala, Hawai Chappal, Under Garments, etc.

What amount of money is required to open a grocery shop?

A small shop can be used to start a grocery store. You will need to bring goods in the range of 20k to 50k rupees. If you open a large store, you can store goods worth between 1 and 5 lakhs. You will need to have at least 50,000 rupees to open a general grocery shop. Other expenses such as furniture, advertising, and equipment are also important.

What does grocery store actually mean?

Grocery or grocery store is where you can find the essential items of your daily life such as the necessary cooking ingredients in the kitchen and bath products.

How do you shop well?

These 10 tips will help you become a successful shopkeeper.
1. Give proper love to incoming customers
2. Make your promotion attractive by choosing the right medium
3. Provide all the products and services that the customer requires at a fair price.
4. Offers to customers may be made from time to other. Special discounts on seasonal and festive items
5. Customers should not face any problems in the shop. Do not make them wait too long
6. To make customers feel special, be friendly and address them by their name whenever they visit your shop.
7. Make sure the shop is clean and that the goods are properly stored
8. Offer all payment options to them and try to offer credit facilities
9. Add new items to your shop
10. Be honest in your business dealings and courteous towards customers

How do you open a grocery store?

To open a grocery shop, you can follow these steps
1. Choose a better business location
2. Create a business plan that includes everything you need to do.
3. Get proper interior design done for grocery store
4. Select the best wholesaler to supply your grocery store
5. Promotion and marketing the business via appropriate channels
6. All items should have a reasonable margin depending on their value
7. Choose a person who is decent if staff is needed
8. Completion of the legal process
9. Follow the timetable and fix a schedule for the shop.
10. Keep stock of all goods

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