Ola Roadster Bike, Price, Features, Launch Date 2023

Ola Roadster Bike Price Launch Date 2023: Ola unveiled four new motorcycles, one of which is the Roadster. The bike looks sleek, athletic, and futuristic. While Ola has not shared any details, we expect all of the new bikes to focus on performance. According to what we have seen so far, the Roadster has an inverted fork and monoshock on the front, disc brakes on the rear, and possibly all-LED lights. We expect the Roadster to go on sale in late 2024 for around Rs 2,50 lakh ex-Showroom.

Ola’s fourth product is an electric motorbike that looks a lot like a concept motorcycle. It’s called the Diamondhead and bears a striking resemblance to Tesla’s Cyber truck. The Diamondhead has a huge dome-like windscreen, a LED headlight across the width of the bike, and wide clip on handlebars. The bike is equipped with a shrouded digital display that is hidden when the bike is switched on.

Ola Roadster

The Ola Roadster is a futuristic street bike with a dual-tone look. It has broad handlebars and a digital instrument panel. It also has a low-mounted LED headlight. aluminum rear sub-frame, monoshock, inverted fork suspension up front, disc brakes at each end, and alloy wheels.

At the Community Day, Ola Electric introduced a new series of scooters called S1 scooters. There were futuristic concepts like the Diamondhead, Adventure, Roadster, and Cruiser in addition to it. Ola showcased four new motorcycles at the event, and the Roadster is one of the sharp, sporty, and futuristic motorcycles. While Ola has not revealed any details about the upcoming motorcycles, we expect them to be performance-oriented. From what we have seen so far, the Roadster has an inverted fork, monoshock suspension, disc brakes at either end, and possibly all-LED lights.

Bike Name  Ola Roadster 
Ola Roadster Bike Launch DateNovember 2024
Ola Roadster Bike PriceRs.2.50 Lakh
Mileage300 km
CategoryAutomobile News

Ola Roadster Bike Price in India 2023

The Roadster is expected to be launched towards the late end of 2024 and is expected to cost around Rs 2,50 lakh ex-showroom.

The price of the Ola Roadster is estimated at Rs. 2,50 lakh. The electric two-wheeler is available in one variant. The most striking feature of this electric bike is the huge swingarm up front. This may indicate that this bike has a hub-cantered steering system instead of a typical fork configuration, which is something that very few bikes have. This bike has a belt drive mechanism instead of the other bikes’ chain drives, and it has two big front disc brakes, which suggests that this bike will be performance-oriented.

Ola did not share any details about the Diamondhead, so all we have so far is what Ola’s founder said. “This will truly define the future of motorcycle riding. This is a product that will be remembered for generations to come, and even in the next 10 to 20 years, it will be remembered for revolutionizing the electric bike revolution in motorcycles. This will be the global standard in supersport motorcycle racing.”

Ola Roadster Features And Specifications

A powerful electric motor will enable the Ola Roadster electric motorcycle to reach a top speed of roughly 13 km/h, making it the fastest electric motorcycle in contrast to other motorcycles in this class. This is only one of a variety of features that the Ola Roadster electric motorcycle will have. The Ola Roadster’s Drive Range offers a range of around 195 kilometres on a single full charge.

The Ola Roadster electric motorbike is the quickest electric motorcycle in comparison to other bikes in its class, reaching a high speed of about 13 km/h thanks to a strong electric motor. It is just one of many characteristics that the electric motorcycle Ola Roadster will have. The Drive Range of the Ola Roadster provides a range of approximately 195 kilometres.

Ola Roadster Launch Date India

Business officials have not yet revealed the Ola Roadster’s official release date. However, according to rumors and various media outlets, the Ola Roadster will be released in November 2024. When the Ola Roadster electric motorcycle is released at various Ola Showroom Outlets, many swaps and further savings will be available. Booking for the Ola Roadster will begin after the company announces the exact date of launch, which is expected to be around September 2024. Despite the fact that the booking window for the Ola Roadster is currently open, individuals are still attempting to reserve one.

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