Best 100+ Republic Day Quotes 2023

We all know that Thursday 26 January is Republic Day. Celebrations will take place all across the country. Choose how you will wish and what wishes you will send to the chats on your list. On our page, you will find amazing images of the Happy Republic Day 2023, 26 January wishes, quotes, and SMS.

Inspirational Republic Day Quotes 2023

  • “If your blood doesn’t rage, it is water flowing in your veins.” “What is the flush of youth if it is not of the service of the motherland?” – Chandrashekhar Azad
  • “Let a new India emerge out of peasants’ cottage, grasping at the plough out of huts and cobblers.” – Swami Vivekananda
  • God gives us the gift of independence. This wonderful nation should remain independent for all time! Happy Republic Day!
  • India is the song that we must sing. India is the dream that we must achieve. Happy Republic Day!
  • We offer a thousand salutes for this great nation. It may grow even more prosperous. Happy Republic Day!
  • If we can keep our heads up and take pride that we are Indians, the world will respect us. Happy Republic Day!
  • Today is the day that everyone, no matter how old or tall, dark skinned or light skinned, must unite to show the world that this country is the best. Happy Republic Day!
  • “Every Indian must now forget that he’s a Rajput or Sikh or Jat.” He should remember that he’s an Indian.” – Sardar Patel

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Republic Day Quotes 2023
  • “Behold, the republic standing tall while empires around it are falling under the weight of their armaments. A republic whose flag is loved and not feared.” – William Jennings Bryan
  • Three rounds of applause to India, Hip Hip Hurray! Hip Hip Hurray! Hip Hip Hurray! Happy Republic Day!
  • “A great person is different than an eminent man in that he is willing to serve the society.” – B. R. Ambedkar
  • Every Indian born in this land is unique. We are all Indians. Happy Republic Day!
  • Every teacher should teach their students how to love the nation. Let every parent show his or her children the beauty of this country. Happy Republic Day 2023
  • “I believe patriotism to be like charity – It begins at home.” Henry James
  • “Democracy is nothing if people can’t work for the common good.” By Chandra Bhushan
  • “We’re Indians, firstly & lastly.” – B. R. Ambedkar
  • “In India’s great books, an empire spoke to me, nothing small nor unworthy but large, calm, consistent, the voice a old intelligence which, in another age, had pondered the questions that we face and, thus, dealt with them.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • “India is full of young brave men and women. If they have the chance and help, we can compete against other countries in space exploration, and one of them will fulfill her dreams.” – Atal Behari Vajpayee
  • “Citizenship is in the service to the country.” – Jawaharlal Naehru
  • Let’s all hope that the magic wand of tomorrow will work its magic on Republic Day.
  • Let us celebrate the Indian Republic Day with love and respect.
  • Today is 26 January. This historical day allows us to remember our freedom fighters and national heroes, who gave rise to a republic country. Happy Republic Day, Happy 26th January!
  • Send your loved ones happy Republic Day wishes with meaningful messages These are some Republic Day messages.
  • Freedom in the mind, Faith in our hearts and Memories in our spirits. Let’s celebrate the Republic Day.
  • One nation. One vision. One identity
  • Let’s honor those who have made us proud, and celebrate the spirit that makes us a free country. Happy Republic Day!
  • “Where fear is absent and where the head is high. Where knowledge is freely available. Where knowledge is not divided into pieces by domestic walls. Where words are born from the truth. A place where relentless striving is aimed at perfection. The clear stream of reason is not lost in the desert sand of habit. Where the mind is guided by you into ever-expanding thought and action. Rabindranath Tagore: “Into that heaven of liberty, my Father, let me awake!”
  • “Let’s together embark on a journey to peace, harmony, and progress in South Asia.”
  • This day reminds us about our freedom to think and speak, our strength in unity, and our pride in our heritage. Enjoy a great Republic Day!
  • The youth of India must pledge to fight terror until our last breath and protect Mother INDIA with everything we have. Jai Hind, Happy Republic Day!
  • Happy Republic Day! Let’s be grateful and respectful for all the sacrifices that our freedom fighters made.
  • Revolution is not made by bombs and guns. Bhagat Singh – The whetting stone for ideas sharpens the sword of revolution.
  • “Patriotism, religion and love for India are two different things.” – Bankim Chandra Chatterjee
  • Remember the heroes who gave their lives to bring this day to India, Happy Republic Day!
  • We are the largest nation in the world. Let’s have the same joy on 26 January. Happy Republic Day!
  • Let us unite and prove to the world that India is united. Be proud to be Indian Happy Republic Day!
  • Wisdom does not come from old age but rather from education and learning. Happy Republic Day!
  • “India worships all of the two million gods. All other countries are poor in religion, but India is the only millionaire. ” – Mark Twain
  • You are proud to live in a country with such rich history and heritage. Happy Republic Day!
  • “A nation’s greatness lies within its undying ideals for love and sacrifice that inspires the mothers of the country.” – Sarojini Naidu
  • “Swaraj, my birthright, and I will have it.” – Bal Gangadhar TilakBy
  • Let’s make this a better day by following our ethos, paying tribute to our soldiers and freedom fighters, and making the country a better place. Happy Republic Day!
  • “We believe peace and peaceful development for all peoples, not just for ourselves, but also for the whole world. ” – Lal Bahadur Shastri
  • “If there’s one place on earth where all the dreams and hopes of living men have found a home since the very beginning of man’s dream of existence, it would be India.” – Romain Rolland
  • Happy Republic Day 2023 Let’s remember the true heroes of India, who gave their lives for our freedom on this day.
  • “You have to be the change that you want in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi
  • Let us not forget the rich heritage of India and be proud to call ourselves Indians. Happy Republic Day 2023.
  • We were given independence from colonial rule by our freedom fighters. Now it is our turn to gift future generations a strong, corruption-free India. Happy Republic Day!
  • We salute the tricolour flag and all those, citizens and soldiers, who protect the flag and pride of this nation. Happy Republic Day!
  • Let’s make Independence Day & Republic Day the most important festivals in India for all religions and castes. Happy Republic Day!
  • It is not possible for a country to be perfect. But its citizens can make it perfect. We need citizens like Gandhi, Bose, and Bhagat again. Happy Republic Day!
  • Rejoice in our nation’s glory and remember the sacrifices made by our freedom fighters. Happy Republic Day!
  • Enjoy your freedom and have lots of fun. But remember to give thanks for the many sacrifices made by freedom fighters. Happy Republic Day!
  • “A man must have his feet planted in his country but his eyes should be open to the rest of the world. “- By George Santayana
  • Happy Republic Day. Let’s unite our hearts and souls. Never allow anyone to divide you
  • I am proud to be Indian and value the culture of my country. Happy Republic Day!
  • Let me recall the anonymous for once, beyond the patriotic flags displayed on a Republic Day.
  • On This Republic Day, we salute the brave souls of India Bhagat S, Mahatma Gandhi and Sarojini Naidu.
  • “Long ago, we made an agreement with destiny. Now is the time to redeem our promise.” India will wake up to freedom and life at the hour of midnight, when the rest of the world falls asleep.” – Jawaharlal Naehru
  • “Every Indian must now forget that he’s a Rajput or Sikh or a Jat. He should remember that he’s an Indian.” -By Sardar Ptel
  • “Freedom cannot be given, it can be taken.” – Netaji Subash Chandra Bose
  • You are proud to be an Indian, because it is a great country. Happy Republic Day 2023
  • Revolution is not made by bombs and guns. Bhagat Singh: “The sword of revolution can be sharpened by the whetting-stone for ideas.” Happy Republic Day!
  • “Aim for harmony in thought, word, and deed.” Purify your thoughts, and all will be well. – Mahatma Gandhi
  • Enjoy a great Republic Day. You can celebrate the Republic Day by teaching your children about the history of Indian independence as well as our national heroes.
  • May we all have the freedom of choice, freedom to live and freedom to dream. Happy Republic Day!
  • Our identity should be “Indian” and not any other caste or religion. Be proud Indian. Happy Republic Day!
  • “On what rests hope of the republic?” Alexander Henry: One country, one language and one flag
  • We send you great Republic Day wishes. Let’s celebrate this day with enthusiasm and zeal!
  • Freedom of the mind, strength in the words, purity in blood, pride in our souls and zeal in our hearts. Let’s celebrate India’s Republic Day.

Happy Republic Day Wishes

  • Today is a very special day
    Our motherland must be reaffirmed in our promises
    Our team will do all it can to help.
    It is important to preserve and enrich our heritage
    Our ethos is the essence
    Salutations on Republic Day
    Learn from your mistakes. Happy Republic Day
  • Let us celebrate India’s glory, and freedom fighters on this Republic Day. Happy Republic Day and Vande Mataram
  • You are what you believe, and not what you want.
  • Freedom of thought
    The power of the words
    Our blood is pure
    We are proud of our souls.
    We are zealous in our hearts.
  • We salute our country on Republic Day.
    Salute to the Republic Day
  • Happy Republic Day to the Hero’s who gave their lives for this glorious day in India.
  • Today is the 26th January. This historical day commemorates our freedom fighters and national heroes. Happy Republic Day, 26 January!
  • We should be proud to have a country with a rich heritage. We hope that you enjoy the celebration.
  • Remember the sacrifices of heroes
    They were the ones who paid for the ultimate price
    This is a tribute to that glorious day.
Republic Day Quotes

Greetings on Republic Day 2023

  • Remember those who made this possible. We are grateful.
  • A nation, vision and identity
    A nation can’t be perfect. It must be perfect.
  • India is mere pehchaan.
    Salute to the Republic Day

Happy Republic day quotes

  • Our hearts are proud, our minds are open, our words are full of faith, and our minds are free. These are the memories that our souls cherish. Let’s celebrate Republic Day.
  • Our nation owes a lot of gratitude to the freedom fighters, soldiers, and others who helped us achieve independence and unity. Happy Republic Day to everyone!
  • All songs should be about India. The dream of India must be realized. Congratulations on your first Republic Day.
  • The freedom of the mind
    Strong words.
    Our blood is pure
    Pride is a part of our souls.
    We are filled with zeal.
  • Let’s celebrate our country on this Republic Day
  • 2019’s Republic Day is upon us! Remembering Indian heroes who gave their lives for freedom
  • Let our country prosper and flourish always…
    Our nation must always do the right thing!
    Let’s celebrate Republic Day
  • Today we are here because of the sacrifices of thousands of people… always remember their sacrifice… Happy Republic Day!
Republic Day Quotes 2023

Republic Day greetings 2023

  • We are Indians first and foremost. Happy Republic Day.
    We can choose to live, dream, or choose. May we all be free whenever we choose…
    Happy Republic Day!
  • Don’t forget to give thanks to the soldiers and celebrate our nation’s glory. Enjoy a wonderful Republic Day!
  • On January 26, Republic Day is observed
    Remember to perform ritually
    Make friends and say hello to each other.
    Special occasions and anniversaries
    Let’s keep counting the years.
    Add the numbers together.
    Managers will be thrilled
    What we do
    Here’s to the magic wand!
    Making miracles a reality
    It’s a night that never ends.
  • Join hands to defend our countries from all social ills. Happy Republic Day 2023.
  • The tricolor is a symbol of peace, humanity and prosperity on this Republic Day. We send our warmest wishes to all Indians!
  • We are proud to call ourselves Indians. We wish you a happy Republic Day!
  • Let us, Indians, remember and celebrate our rich heritage. Happy Republic Day.
  • Take a moment and reflect on the history of this day
  • Work together to make our future better
    We all have a responsibility to do this!
    I am proud to be an Indian.
    Happy Republic Day

26 January Wishes 2023

Justice is a must
We hope for a brighter future.
We are grateful for your assistance.

India is a country of great fortune where lucky people are born. You are proud to be an Indian. Enjoy a wonderful Republic Day!

On Republic Day, we salute India with freedom in mind, strength and conviction in the words, purity of the blood, pride in ourselves, and zealousness in our hearts. Enjoy a great Republic Day!

Let’s make a promise to our motherland as we celebrate the birthday of our nation: We will do everything we can to preserve and enhance our heritage, ethos and treasure. Everyone, Happy Republic Day!

Do not take your freedom for granted. It is the result of the sacrifices made by freedom fighters. Enjoy a great Republic Day!

We are deserving of a thousand salutes. It will hopefully grow stronger and more prosperous. Here’s to another successful Republic Day!

Our brave freedom fighters did not die in vain. We must not let them down. I want my country to be the best in all of the world. I wish you a happy Republic Day!

26 January Quotes

  • It is time to show our country our love. Here’s my wish for all my colleagues and friends a Happy Republic Day 2019.
  • God gives us the gift and strength to be independent.
    God Bless America!
    We wish you a Happy Republic Day!
  • Let us all make a pledge to our motherland in honor of this day.
    Enjoy a wonderful Republic Day.
  • Freedom is about the chance to do better.
    Happy Republic Day
  • Let us not forget to defend the colors of our flag with all that we have, as long as we match out in the spirit of brotherhood and nationhood.
    Enjoy Your Republic Day!”
  • We are fortunate to have been born in India, so we should be proud to call ourselves Indians. We wish you a Happy Republic Day 2023!
  • Let us celebrate India’s Republic Day with freedom in our minds, strength in words, purity and pride in our souls, as well as freedom in the spirit. Here’s to a successful Republic Day 2023.

74th Republic Day 2023

  • Let’s celebrate Republic Day 2021! Let’s remember the true heroes in India who gave their lives for our freedom.
  • Don’t forget to give thanks to the soldiers and celebrate our nation’s glory. Here’s hoping for a prosperous Republic Day in 2023.
  • Let’s unite to defend our countries from the social ills that plague them. I wish you a Happy Republic Day 2023.
  • On this day, let us promise our motherland that we will preserve our heritage, culture, and treasure. We wish you a Happy Republic Day.
  • Our freedom is not something we should take for granted. It was earned through the sacrifices of freedom fighters. Enjoy a wonderful Republic Day!
  • This great nation deserves a thousand greetings. We wish it to be even more successful in the future. Enjoy a great Republic Day!
  • My brothers and sisters, despite being denied the wealth and luxuries that this world offers, let us continue our peaceful coexistence, and most importantly, our love for our country. Happy Independence Day!
  • While we march in brotherhood and nationhood, we must protect the colors of the flag. Happy Republic Day!
  • Wisdom is not in a man’s age but in his education. Enjoy a great Republic Day

Republic Day 2023

  • Happy 26th January 2023! Let’s remember the Indian heroes who gave their lives for our freedom today.
  • Every teacher should encourage students to love the country, and every parent should show their children the beauty of this country. We are grateful for your support!
  • All people, regardless of age, race, gender, height, or ability, should come together today to show the world that our country is the best. Enjoy a wonderful Republic Day!
  • Let me remember at least the anonymous, and our common ground for once beyond the patriotic parades on Republic Day.
  • Keep in mind our golden heritage and be proud to be Indian. Happy Republic Day 2023.
  • Independence is a beautiful gift. This wonderful nation should remain independent for all time. Enjoy a wonderful Republic Day!
  • May we have the freedom to choose, dream, and live as we wish. Happy Republic Day!
  • We salute Bhagat Sing, Mahatma Gandhi and Sarojini Naidu on this Republic Day!

Republic Day SMS 2023

Honor those who have contributed to our nation’s spirit by celebrating the spirit of a free country. Happy Republic Day! We, the youth of India, should therefore commit to fighting terrorists until the end of our lives and protecting mother INDIA with every strength we have. Jai Hind, Happy Republic Day

Your happiness will make you smile, your trials will strengthen you, and your pain will keep you alive. Your hope will bring joy to our nation. Happy Republic Day! Today, we have true independence thanks to the passing of the constitution. Celebrate the day and respect it. Happy Republic Day!

  • Our minds must be free and our hearts should believe. We must also keep our souls recollecting. Let’s celebrate the Nation on Republic Day. It is an honor to be able to live in a country that has such a rich history and heritage. Happy Republic Day!
  • Let us all gather together to celebrate this auspicious occasion with mutual respect, love and joy.
  • Revolutions don’t come from guns or bombs. They are born from the whetting-stones and ideas.” – Bhagat Sing. Happy Republic Day!
  • Because you come from such an amazing country, it is a privilege to be Indian. Have a great Republic Day in 2023.
  • English Republic Day Quotes
  • Let’s celebrate Republic Day with freedom of thought, strength of words and purity of blood. Let’s also salute India with pride of souls and zeal.

Happy Republic Day 2023

  • Every teacher should encourage their students to love the nation. Parents should also instill the beauty of the nation in their children. Happy Republic Day 2023
  • It is vital that we cherish India’s rich heritage and feel proud to call India our home. Happy 26th January 2023
  • Freedom, faith, and memories are found in our minds, hearts, and souls. Let us celebrate our nation on this Republic Day.
  • Our Founder Fathers were the ones who stood firm against the bombardment of Colonial guns, which threatened the sovereignty of this nation. We must never forget the gift that our Founder Fathers gave to us. Happy Republic Day!
  • Happy Republic Day to all the heroes who gave their lives for India.
  • It is important that we all take the time to reflect on our history and work together to create a better future. Each of us have a responsibility to make this happen. I am proud to be part of the Indian community. Happy Republic Day! !
  • All of you may find peace and prosperity, and we should be grateful for all the blessings that our country has given us. Happy Republic Day wishes to all!
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