Shehzada Movie Review

Shehzada Movie Review You Should watch it or not? Full entertainment package movie! Comedy, action, romance all the things there that an audience wants!

Shehzada Movie Review

Director: Rohit Dhawan

Rohit Dhawan, writer (based on Trivikram Srinivas’ story)

Cast: Kartik Aaryan, Paresh Rawal, Kriti Sanon, Manisha Koirala, Ronit Roy

The good news is that Kartik Aaryan looks amazing in slow-mo. It would be fair for Aaryan to claim that the chemistry between the wind machine and Aaryan is far better than the actor’s relationship with anyone in Shehzada. Rohit Dhawan’s adaptation of Allu Aravind’s blockbuster hit Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo 2020 (2020) features, among others: Kriti Sanon; Manisha Koirala; Sachin Khedekar; Ronit Roy, Sunny Hinduja, and Ankur Rathee. These actors are not given much to do, but there are scenes with Aaryan. They can’t match the speed at which Aaryan and the wind machine combine in slow motion. 

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The wind adds aerodynamic charm to Aaryan, whether he is leaping through the air, or striking a powerful punch. It also gives his body a fuller look, covering his torso and accentuating his athletic lines. The film’s narrative strength is not affected by this. Shehzada is as entertaining as repeatedly hitting your head with a cushion when the scenes move at a regular pace. Although it’s not painful or particularly unpleasant, it feels completely pointless.

Shehzada Movie Review

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Shehzada, a fan service film by Aaryan, is 145 minutes long and features Kartikians seeing their hero as another middle-class dudebro who navigates life’s challenges by giving out one-liners and toothy grins. This is entertaining, but it’s already repetitive. Dhawan made minor but important changes to the Telugu version of the story. However, these changes only serve to weaken the central plot’s characterization, relationships, and conflicts. This version will satisfy those who enjoy watching Paresh Ragal, who plays a Machiavellian patriarch, get slapped. You might prefer a traditional family entertainer with a little bit of morality, then this Telugu version is for you.

Dhawan’s anodyne tale depicts Bantu (Aaryan), as the Labrador equivalent of that cute reel you can watch while scrolling on Instagram. He is a good boy and defeats all evil with his goodness, goofiness (and muscle). He only uses this to prove how good a boy he is. It’s evident from details like Bantu’s email being “[email protected]” — a hat-tip to Anil Kapoor’s unforgettable intro from Ram Lakhan (1989) — that Dhawan is drawing on the over-the-top heroism of a bygone era. Aaryan has, in all fairness to Kapoor, the hair and beard to follow Kapoor’s lead.

Bantu lives with people who aren’t worthy of him, as is the case for most good boys. His curmudgeonly father Valmiki, also known as Paresh Rawal, is at the top of the list. He secretly gave his son away at birth to ensure that his child could grow up in the Jindal home. The Jindal heir was not there. Bantu is left to live in poverty and middle-class living in Valmiki’s home. Valmiki is delighted to know that his biological son is being lavished on by his wealthy adoptive parents. He continues to put pressure on the Jindal heir by naming him Bantu. Bantu grew up with hand-me-downs and struggles to make ends meet, but he is a good boy and does not let anything stop him.

Shehzada eventually becomes a boring and updated version of Hrishikesh Mokherjee’s Bawarchi (1972), where Rajesh Khanna played Raghu, a domestic help. He works for a family of bickering members who live in the ironically-named Shanti Niwas, which literally means “the abode in peace”. Slowly, Raghu wins over the family and unites them. Bantu’s Shehzada role is similar to that of the Jindal patriarch’s friend, but with less imagination and more action scenes. 

Shehzada Movie Review

Bawarchi was successful, despite the slight differences between Dhawan and Mukherjee’s storytelling abilities. It also explored prejudice and class bias. The elitist behavior was criticized in the humorous, simple comedy. Shehzada, on the other hand, spends a lot of time making a mockery of the middle-class everyone man (as embodied in Valmiki) and glorifying the wealthy, who are more compassionate and grateful for Bantu than his family. Due to Valmiki’s manipulative behavior, it is the rich that are being victimized. Shehzada’s social criticism is somewhat confusing. The plot lacks any sense of conflict or drama.

To keep the audience’s attention, there is a mix of hummable songs and storytelling twists. There are stories about a nurse who falls off a ledge to enter a 25-year-long coma and a drug dealer who murders people while carrying an umbrella. Kriti Sanon’s Shehzada outfits are made out of thin, romantic subplots. All of this does not alleviate the monotony of watching Bantu smile and save the day time and again. The film’s plot is incredibly illogical. For example, why aren’t there security cameras in the office of a millionaire? And why is an empty Delhi Metro station serving as the bad guy’s lair?

Shehzada’s purpose is to make Aaryan the best boy among them all, and give scenes to his fans that they will want to repeat. Shehzada could prove to be a loyal test for ‘Kartikians’, despite all its best efforts. Although Aaryan does well in the fight scenes, and when he delivers Hussain Dalal’s version of witty oneliners, it is not an engaging performance. Shehzada recommends Aaryan not be seen as Bollywood’s next big star, but look for scripts that properly utilize his screen presence. Aaryan is a popular Hindi film star, but films like Shehzada are not worth the effort.

Review of Shehzada Movie: Shehzada Karthik’s action-packed film has a lot of comedy power

Shahzada was originally scheduled to release on Valentine’s Day, February 10, 2010. Karthik’s film was delayed by one week due to Shahrukh Khan’s phenomenal comeback film Pathan. The Shehzada movie, which was released on February 17, had to compete against the Marvel Cinematic Universe film Ant-Man & the Wasp Quantumania. Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2, which was one of Bollywood’s biggest hits last year, now counts Karthik Aryan as one of Bollywood’s big stars. His film Freddy was recently released on OTT. However, he is back in his original style with Shahzada, a masala entertainer film.

Shehzada, a remake from the Telugu movie Ala Bankuthapuramallo is used in Shehzada. Pushpa, a Pushpa star, played the lead role in the original film.

The story of Shehzada is similar in that Bantu (Karthik Ariyan) comes from a middle-class family. Since childhood, her father Valmiki (Paresh Rohal) has been scolding her. He meets Samara (Kriti Sanon), his boss, and falls in love for the first time in his adult life. Bantu discovers that he is the heir to a multi-billionaire family. Is Bantu able to get his family back? To find out, you will need to see the film.

The film’s comedy is a masterpiece by Karthik Aryan. He makes you feel emotional and adds some action to the second half. Kriti Sanon did not have anything special to do in this film. Paresh Rawal plays Bantu’s father. Ronit Roy and Sachin Khedekar do a great job supporting Bantu. Rajpal Yadav is only present in one scene. The film’s cinematography is stunning and the music is excellent.

Rohit Dhawan is the director of Shahzada, the son of David Dhawan who is known as the king of comedy films. Rohit Dhawan has created a fiery entertainer based on the script from the Telugu movie. The film has a touch of comedy and a love story before the interval. In the second half, Karthik is the hero of his family. Although the film is filled with emotion, comedy, and action, its story feels a little weak. The film’s climax is predictable, especially.

You can purchase tickets for Kartin’s Shehzada if you haven’t seen Allu Arjun’s Ala Bankuthapuramlo yet.

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