The Amazing Spider-Man 3 Movie 2023 Release Date: Why was The Amazing Spider-Man 3 was cancelled?Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker was named the MVP of Spider-Man No Way Home. Here’s why he didn’t appear in The Amazing Spider-Man 3.

The Amazing Spider-Man 3

Why was The Amazing Spider-Man3 cancelled, ending the Andrew Garfield-starring franchise? Reports that Garfield would reprise his role as Peter Parker were rumored for months prior to Marvel’s Spider-Man. Garfield was indeed in the film, fighting a group of supervillains alongside Tom Holland’s MCU Spider-Man. Although The Amazing Spider-Man received mixed reactions, Garfield’s return was warmly received, with loud cheers in theaters.

The Amazing Spider-Man 3 Movie 2023 Release Date

Garfield, who has more than proven himself to be an actor in films such as The Social Network and Tick, Tick… His performances in The Amazing Spider-Man films were not a problem. Garfield’s Spider-Man made valiant attempts to elevate both films to a high standard, but was let down by questionable writing choices. Jamie Foxx also demonstrated in No Way Home that Electro could be played better.

Many believe that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 caused divisions among audiences and was criticized by critics. However, this reaction is what led Sony to not make The Amazing Spider-Man 3. This is not true. The film performed well at international box office, even though Amazing Spider-Man II didn’t meet expectations. 

After the 2014 Sony hacking scandal, everyone knows why Garfield was fired. Garfield didn’t show up to the planned Brazilian press conference to announce the sequel. This upset top Sony brass enough that they cut all ties.

The Amazing Spider-Man 3 was a lot closer to being made than many fans realize

Why was The Amazing Spider-Man 3 cancelled? Garfield was scheduled to speak at a Sony gala event in Rio de Janeiro, to celebrate the World Cup’s end in summer 2014. Garfield was to be joined by Kaz Hirai, then-Sony CEO, at the event in Rio de Janeiro.

The two would announce Spider-Man 3 for an upcoming 2016 release. Garfield was late arriving in Brazil and didn’t feel well, so he decided to withdraw from the event just hours before the big announcement. Hirai’s presentation was rearranged and the Spider-Man announcement had to be cancelled. Sony executives were not pleased with Garfield’s late-night cancellation, and Hirai felt personally betrayed.

While most people can sympathize with Garfield’s inability to perform in front of large audiences while feeling sick, it is unlikely that leaving your boss hanging at the last moment will result in a positive outcome. Sony made the decision to cancel The Amazing Spider-Man3 and fire Garfield.

This was in preparation for Spider-Man negotiations with Marvel, which could lead to the character’s inclusion into the MCU. This was an attempt that had failed before. The talks led to an agreement, which saw Tom Holland’s Spider-Man make his debut in Captain America. Ironically, this was right around the original 2016 release date for The Amazing Spider-Man 3.

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Andrew Garfield may be the Spider-Man for Sony’s Venom Part 3

However The Amazing Spider-Man 3 Although the original plan was abandoned, it doesn’t mean that Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker is over. Particularly considering the overwhelming positive response from his audience There is no way home Sony still has a lot to gain by pursuing this role. Garfield is a Peter Parker character that audiences can empathize most with.

He has had to deal with challenges that are more real-world and adult than his counterparts. Garfield’s exceptional acting is also a major reason for this. Andrew Garfield would make a great Venom 3. As many have pointed out, Tom Hardy’s antihero is a symbiote, and the Sony Spider-Verse villains are woven into the existing The Amazing Spider-Man Canon would help them feel more grounded and relevant. 

It would also give Peter Parker the opportunity to shine in a way he didn’t get thanks to his father. The Amazing Spider-Man 3 ‘s cancelation.

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