GB WhatsApp Download New (November 2022) Update v21.20 Anti-Ban Free Offical [Latest Version Link Updated Daily]

GB WhatsApp Download

What is GB WhatsApp? (GB Whatsapp Download 2022) GBwhatsApp APK is one of the best free mod messaging apps available for Android phones. While WhatsApp is a modified version of the original WhatsApp, once installed, you can access many cool features that are not available in the official WhatsApp. 

File Name GB WhatsApp Downloads 6,000,000+ Type Free Last Updated Today App Version v20.20 App Size 53 MB

Features of GB WhatsApp

?Broadcast In this, you can make a broadcast of 600 contacts, whereas in the original WhatsApp you could make a broadcast of only 250. ?Image Limit In this, you can send more than 60 images at once. Whereas only 30 images are sent in the original WhatsApp. ?Hide Last Seen And Call Disable: You can also disable Call for a particular contact and also hide Last Seen for a specific contact. ?Hide Blue Tick: In this, you can also hide a blue tick.

Why is GBWhatsApp not downloading? There can be two reasons for not downloading GB WhatsApp on your device, the first internet is slow, and the second network connection is bad. In such a situation, you have to follow some easy steps given below, so that you will be able to download GB WhatsApp on your smartphone.

Advantages of GB WhatsApp?

– You can also customize it according to you. – Where in WhatsApp you have trouble in sending large size files and folders and it also takes a lot of time, while in GB WhatsApp new version download you can send large size files and folders very easily. – If you message someone and if you want that the person in front cannot read that message, then you can also delete your message.