World Sleep Day: When you’re looking to shed weight The secret could be getting a good night’s rest. How? Check out these 5 ways sleep can help you shed weight.

This World Sleep Day, let us talk about one benefit of sleep which can allow you to wake up and smell that coffee! You’ve probably heard that the amount and quality of rest – or a beauty rest as the majority of people refer to it – will help improve the appearance of your skin. You may also have read about how a well-slept can increase productivity. Did you think that getting enough sleep may even aid in losing weight?

A randomized clinical study released in JAMA Internal Medicine concluded that improving and maintaining a healthy sleeping pattern could aid in losing weight and is a good method to aid in weight loss preventive measures as well as weight-loss programs.

World Sleep Day

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What is the importance of sleep to lose weight?

The current hectic pace of life is stressing everyone out. The way we think is to put work ahead of relaxation. We slowly lose sight of the essential rest we need every single day. Lack of sleep can have an adverse effect on your overall health, including weight. Adults should get at least 7-9 hours of sleep each night, as per the National Sleep Foundation. If you don’t, it can lead to weight growth, metabolic disorders, and a higher chance of developing obesity as well as other health issues that are chronic.

Here are some of the benefits of sleep:

Although the negative consequences of sleep deprivation are numerous, there’s a positive relationship between the amount of sleep and a healthy weight. Dr. Rohini Patil MBBS as well as a Certified Nutritionist talked to Health Shots on how sleeping an extra hour or two can aid in weight loss.

Dr. Patil Dr. Patil says, “World Sleep Day is an excellent reminder about the necessity of taking good quality sleep. Not only does sleep increase spirits and levels of energy and boost your mood, but it could be a factor in losing weight.”

Here are some of the products you can test:

Here are five ways to sleep that could aid you in losing weight.

1. Regulates hormones

Sleep plays an important function in the regulation of hormones such as leptin and ghrelin which control appetite and satisfaction. If you’re not getting enough sleep, levels of Ghrelin rise, which can lead to an increase in appetite and leptin levels decrease and can cause a decrease in feelings of feeling full.

2. Reduces stress

Lack of sleep can raise stress levels, which could result in excess eating and weight growth. However, when you’re getting adequate sleep, you’ll be better prepared to handle stress, which could lower the risk of excessive eating due to stress.

3. Enhances metabolism

Sleep is crucial to maintain a healthy metabolism. Sleep lack, as per an article published in the journal Obesity may cause a decrease in metabolism at rest (RMR). If you’re not getting enough rest and your body produces lesser amounts of the metabolic hormone which could lead to a slowing down metabolism and weight increase.

4. Physical activity increases

It’s no secret that getting enough rest can make you feel more energetic and refreshed. If you’re well-rested, it’s most likely to be refreshed and enthusiastic about exercising. Regular exercise is connected to burning calories, increasing your metabolism, and reducing weight.

5. Reduces late-night snacking

Sleep deprivation can trigger cravings for fat-rich and high-calorie food items, particularly late in midnight. A good night’s sleep can reduce cravings for these foods and lower the chance of snacking late at night.


Now you understand the reasons why maintaining the quality of our sleep is a good habit to keep up with if we are looking for an improved life for ourselves. The right amount of sleep helps us to perform at the best that we can!

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